If achieving financial independence as soon as possible is your goal, you are in the right place. Here at FWV, we like to talk about how you can improve your personal finances and get your shit together so that you can live the life you always wanted. Don’t just “do” life. Live life.

You’re smart and know that working 9-5 for someone in an office is soul-sucking. While your parents may have subscribed to that mantra, I know that it isn’t for you. You know that it isn’t for you and want to make that change to a better lifestyle, right?

You can absolutely do that. It takes a little hard work, but achieving financial freedom early in life is absolutely possible when you put on your pants and focus on what is important. Check out our story below and see if anything resonates with you. Perhaps not following the “traditional standards” is exactly what you were looking for:

Hmm. I’m Alex and this is Fifty Week Vacation –

Life for us is not normal by traditional standards – we like it that way and I am guessing that you do too! Living for the weekend is hardly living at all, and you can do better than that. Here is the short version of our story, the highlight reel if you will:

The Hong Kong skyline at night

Like I said, we’ve made a few changes in our lives all with the goal of flipping the work-life balance upside down. Two weeks of vacation is not enough. Plus, it puts the focus for most on doing what they hate THE MOST, work.

Honestly, how many of you are reading this at your job now? See my point?

Life is meant to be lived. It’s also about finding that balance in life to develop relationships, community, and not do meaningless tasks. Pretty damn smart people are automating tasks, jobs, and making information more available by the day. I think that you have to take charge of your situation and fast if you want to succeed in the current economy.

If you’re a millennial like yours truly, chances are the job landscape is going to change dramatically in the next decade. Do you really think you’ll have a W-2 for your entire life? Why leave it up to chance? Why wait on an employer to give you a job?

Stop dreaming about what you want, and take action TODAY. Don’t wait for the perfect moment, because sadly it does not exist. You need to make your own job and be your own boss if you want the life you desire.

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