Welcome to Fifty Week Vacation

We found out the day after our one year anniversary that we were moving to Hong Kong… in 2 months. A week before this, the Mrs. had the first conversation with her boss that we were open to moving, if possible.

Sure enough, it was possible, we had an offer to move a week later. Sometimes life moves that fast, and we were headed out in 8 weeks.

Ohhhhhhhhh shit.

I think we always imagine what it feels like but the gravity of moving 8,000+ miles away was both exciting and a bit terrifying. Hey, we were going to embrace it and the ball was rolling so to speak. So how did we get here?

For the first few decades of life, we did the normal thing. Go to school. Get a job. Get a different job. Go back to school. Have $20,000 in student loan debt. Buy a house. Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. It was so boring and I have a few more articles coming about the finer details of this. Anyone could do the normal thing and the future held us chained to a desk at this rate.

That wasn’t going to work for us, however. Why be average when you can do something different and live the life that you want? We aren’t in this for an early retirement, to quit working and drink on the beach. No, we are in it for financial independence and traveling the world.

What does that look like?

We wanted the freedom to live the life that we choose. Retirement sounds pretty boring to me, but financial independence, oh yeah! I’m not into worrying about deadlines, bosses, and vacations days. I want to take that two weeks of vacation and turn it around to a fifty-week vacation. Isn’t that what we all want, a fifty-week vacation?

I think so and want you to have at least one fifty-week vacation, hopefully, years of BEFORE the “traditional retirement age”. Let’s throw all of these assumptions and limiting beliefs out the window and live the life we really want to. There has never been a better time than the present.

This site is about building a life of freedom to be truly wealthy and we will share our story in nearly real time with you right here. Being wealthy in my mind means having the choice to do what you want in your own time. It’s being able to take a vacation with your friends and family when you want. Not when the boss says, but when you say.

I don’t want to be that guy who misses out on their children growing up or who is at the office 60 hours a week. I want to be that guy who is there for the moments that can’t wait and who looks back and thinks “That was a great life”.

So for now, we are in Hong Kong and we are loving life. Mrs. FWV loves her job and her company is offering us a chance to see a different side of the world. It’s not total freedom and we are not quite at the Fifty Week Vacation, but it is one step closer. We are appreciative of what it is and what it offers.

It is time to start living for today, and we need some urgency to do it now. You don’t have to do the “normal thing” by living in a big house and driving fancy cars. Heck, we went from 2,000sqft to under 500sqft and life still moves on. It’s time to make the change today and get in the mindset of whatever you dream is. That is why this site is here.

You never know if financial independence is closer than you think.

– Alex


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