Much has been written on the topic of being productive during your day. There are endless articles, books, and talks online about the subject. What I want to share with you today is what I think are the 3 best things you can do to be more productive during your day. Have A Routine Not […]

We all want the perfect budget. The optimized budget. The one that accounts for almost everything that you want to do in a year. Yet, almost all of us fail with our budget. Why do our budgets almost always fail? Dining out? Transportation? Healthcare? The truth is that it’s probably not any of these items. […]

Travel is consistently one of the top items that we spend money on in our lives. It’s even more so with millennial travelers like you might be. Seemingly, gone are the days where we want lots of china, placemats and giant houses. Traveling the world is the new American Dream. One of the best things you […]

Happy New Years to everyone out there! It is time to make this YOUR YEAR! Here is how you can make that happen! The New Year offers a mental opportunity to reflect on the past year and make this year the start of something better. The best way to do that is to make New […]

Look’s like someone has a case of the Monday’s! – C’mon, you knew that was coming at some point, right? I couldn’t resist! #TWSS Everyone hates Mondays, just like everyone hates a New Year’s resolution. Why? Because it is an arbitrary point that you are supposed to begin again in your week or year. Monday’s signal that […]

Fear. If I could sum up THE REASON people don’t make changes in their life in one word, it would have to be fear. Being afraid of things is normal. But what are people actually afraid of? Failure? Doubt it. Reputation? Ehh, this probably doesn’t drive the fear. Success? More likely. Ding, ding ding! Today […]

How many times have you woken up this week thinking “I’m going to be more productive”? I know for me it’s been several days. You? At some point, you are going to really realize how much or little time you truly have. Hopefully, you figure this out earlier in life and don’t realize it when […]

Recently I was walking around the city with Mrs. FWV and we were discussing some of the merits and challenges of early retirement. It got us thinking about the topic since we are really looking for a change in our lifestyle earlier than your average bear. While it may sound great on paper, here are […]

For a few months now I’ve been contemplating how to approach articles. The feedback is best from the long-form ones, but quite honestly they take some time to complete. However, I don’t want to leave folks hanging out there so I thought to start trying to post every few days starting in November.  This is […]

What’s up Vacationers? It’s great to see you back because today we have an AWESOME guest post today. You know that this site is all about taking charge of your life so that you can live it on your terms and today’s guest is doing exactly that, right? Well, taking control of your finances is […]

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