A View On Abundance

Welcome back Vacationers – I’ve got a quick article for you today around mindset. Your mindset is very important to how you see the world. Read on and let me know what you think in a comment below!

Most people when they read something automatically default to the limits of the situation or scenario. What is important to do is flip that mindset around, especially as it pertains to money and finances. Think about it. How often do you, I, everyone talk about how little money we have in comparison to XYZ?

Most people spend too much time focused on the limits of their money when they should be focusing on how much of it they actually have. Take this example – Johnny Rocket and Jane Joplin have $200,000 in net worth and are trying to hit that million-dollar mark. They might ONLY have $200,000, but they freaking have $200,000! Most people in the world will not have that much money in their lifetime, and most people in the US will retire with less than that.

So, next time you think that you don’t have enough, think again. You might just have an abundance no matter how much you think you have. Which leads us to the word can’t. Every time you think that you “can’t” do something, you are placing a limiting belief on yourself.

Remove this from your vocabulary IMMEDIATELY.

Coincidentally by changing that scenario to one of “I can” you might find that there is opportunity in how you can help others. It might be financial or it might not. Sometimes it might just help someone out in a time of need. We all need that now and again. The important thing is changing your view to an “I can” mentality. It will force you to take ownership of your situation and thus figure out how to change it if need be.

Can is a very powerful word that can change your outlook on life. You can change your _______. Repeat that and realize that you have the power to change. Enter in whatever you want to change and you realize that there is an abundance in your life.

Perhaps a lovely side effect you will discover is that once you change your view to that of an abundant one, the people around you change, your life changes, your circumstances improve, and suddenly you are more abundant in life than you previously imagined. You CAN do this, and when you do, you might see the forest through the trees staring you right in the face.

Your life is abundant and you CAN do this. As the saying goes, “Change your mind and you will change your life”.

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